- Airblow three-lobe blowers; With the rotation of rotors, known as lobes on two parallel shafts, serve to absorb the air and to blow the absorbed air at high pressure.

- Provides strong vacuum and high pressure under proper circumstances . It is used in many different applications in all branches of industry. Easy design and stable performance are expanding its application areas day by day.

- Basic feature of Blowers is to provide constant flow of gas in different pressures. The efficiency is high. Another feature is that it does not contaminate the gas since there is no oily substance in the compaction areas.



                                                                                      WORKING PRINCIPLE

The blovers work in rotation within the casting body in synonism with the gears of the two rotors. There is no contact between the lobes along the rotor. Despite very low tolerances, the balances received in special devices ensure that the rotors work regularly. During operating time, contact between the lobes 1 and 2 is almost achieved, leads air to fill the chambers formed between the body and the lobes. The gas collected during the rotation of the rotors is carried according to the position of the displacing parts. At each revolution the rotors form 6 chambers. For this reason, the airflows of the Airblow roots type blowers depend on their operating speed. The flow increases in proportion to the speed. This input-output is independent of the pressure difference.


                                                                                  ADVANTAGE OF THREE LOBE DESIGN


1- Designed in very sensitive working spaces, the rotor is stronger than 2 lobes against pressure and torsion from pressure due to its 120 ° form.

2 - The vibration and noise is less since the air flow is more stable.

3- The outlet pressure is more stable due to the frequency of the pumping period and therefore the bearing and the gears last longer.

4 – Efficiency is very effective as the flow rate and pressure is more stable .

5- Sensitivity of the rotors is provided by CNC machining and dynamic balancing on special machines.











                                                                                         TECHNICAL DRAWING 


1- SUCTION FILTER               5-OUTLET SILENCER                       9-CHASSIS 

2-SUCTION SILENCER           6-CHECK VALVE                              10-BELT

3-BLOWER MAIN BODY         7-SAFETY VALVE                             11-BLOWER PULLEY, MOTOR PULLEY

4-MOTOR                               8-FLEXIBLE CONNECTION               12-PRESSURE MANOMETER